Call Center Supervisor Training: Drive Agent Performance

Enter the Experts With over 15 years of experience improving human operations environments, we’ve seen the good, the better, and the best. One of the most common questions we hear from executives is, “What sets the best apart from the rest?” To answer this question, Insite sifted through our experiences working with many big-name brands. We also surveyed 700+ contact center professionals. We not only answered the question and learned how the best get to where they are, we also discovered the path they take is a journey others can repeat. So why are the best so good at what they do, and how do they do it? Let’s face it. This question hardly ever comes up when things are going well. But in times when your employees are struggling to meet goals, you can’t help but wonder what the breakout performers have that the others don’t. It’s no secret that not every operational methodology, engagement initiative, or system of recognition and reinforcement, is going to work for every member of your organization. So, a new question arises; Is there a proven equation that successfully translates to all types of learners, personalities, and roles? If you ask our experts, the answer is, YES! We have determined that the secret is in the quality of frontline leadership, those who lead at the ground level by managing those that perform an organization’s critical day-to-day services. As the “human operation experts,” we have created a data-backed training curriculum to develop employee performance and advance your operations to achieve goals beyond your expectations. Just imagine the returns you would gain if your low performers began to operate as well as your high performers.





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