How to Choose the Perfect BPO Vendor

2. COSTS ARE OUT OF LINE Is your vendor giving you a fair shake when it comes to price? Sure, they may be adhering to the letter of the contract in terms of time clocks and hourly rates. But is the service you're paying for a good deal? Are the invoices accurate? And what is your vendor doing to squeeze the most out of each dollar you send their way? Are they investing in new knowledge management platforms that speed agents along and give customers what they're looking for? Are they installing AI and automation for the repetitive tasks that slow agents down? How do they score on omnichannel integration? If you sense you're paying too much or your ROI is too low, these are a few of the questions you should be asking. Dig deep into your vendor's processes and discover the gaps that increase your bill or cost you untapped revenue. 3. RECRUITING / ATTRITION CHALLENGES Staffing problems can present in the form of an under-qualified workforce, high attrition levels, the inability to recruit and fill roles, or all of these. Your vendor should provide a weekly readout on their ability to hire and retain staff. They should also communicate any challenges that prevent them from hitting targets. We've all experienced the frustration that accompanies a call with an agent who lacks knowledge or communication skills. High turnover exacerbates the problem as new agents typically need to ramp up through training before moving onto the frontlines. Speed to competency depends on the level of talent hired and the effectiveness of onboard training. And if a shortage of agents persists because of high attrition or ineffective recruiting, customer experience takes a hit due to long hold times, excessive AHT, unsatisfactory resolutions, etc. Plus, employee experience suffers among the remaining agents because they are overworked, a negative feedback loop that fuels even more attrition.


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