Elevate Your First Call Resolution: 10 Essential Tips


To provide the service required to reach first call resolution, your agents need all the help they can get. This is where the magic of AI assist tools come in. These programs have a large variety of support features built in to help drive rapid and satisfactory customer assistance so the customer’s first call to resolve a need can be their last. Query context analysis to draw information from similar customer calls, recommend knowledge management system articles, product and service FAQ libraries, and guided processes. Automation capabilities to remove manual labor from activities like callback scheduling, post-call summary logging, and notification emails. Escalation reporting and assigning support to ensure calls that require a higher level of assistance are sent directly to an available supervisor. Real-time CSAT reporting based on the customer interaction as the call is carried out. This is especially helpful for monitoring quality and enabling immediate coaching and additional support for contact center agents that are not meeting your CSAT targets.


More likely than not, when your contact center agent picks up a customer call, it is the first time they have interacted with this customer. To save time and effort and to create a more personalized experience for the customer, utilize a computer telephony integration (CTI) program that will automatically show the agent the caller’s account history. This gives the call center agent an instantaneous advantage, as they can now view the customer’s contact and account details, reducing customer effort and handle time and allowing the agent to skip ahead to the core of the customer’s need without sacrificing quality or support.

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