Call Center Supervisor Training: Drive Agent Performance

Frontline Leader Pers Identifying the path to high performance was only the beginning of our research. We still wanted to know who these individuals were on a personal level. We began studying the

Using statistical data on personality style and skills mapping, we discovered that while there are some overlapping characteristics, each persona also embodies a series of its own unique traits. Our cross-industry data showed that when a frontline leader exhibited one strength within a particular persona’s characteristics, they typically demonstrated talents in all that persona’s identifying qualities. The illustration details unique qualities of each persona.

personalities of the frontline leaders that participated in our survey and gained an

understanding of the best ways to engage the strengths and motivations of each type of leader. After identifying 6 different types of personas, we pinpointed the leaders that were the top performers in their contact center.




Explains People person Positive

Passionate Open minded Desire

Generates reports Comfortable in Excel Remembers numbers




Team oriented Strong spirit Competitive Motivation

Interpersonal Inspires hope Optimistic

Passionate High integrity Active Flexible/adaptable

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