Call Center Supervisor Training: Drive Agent Performance


Our team categorized the nature of frontline work into two focuses: real- time agents and delayed/complex agents, enabling the identification of the optimal persona(s) for both environments. Within the real-time agent environment, the “Accountant” persona was the most effective, followed by “Teachers,” and third, the “Firefighters”. For frontline leaders managing delayed/complex agents, the highest performing personas, in descending value, were the “Entrepreneurs”, the “Accountants,” and the “Firefighters.” We could now definitively say that frontline leadership personality types have a direct impact on frontline success. A leader’s personality type influences their performance level capability and the ways they communicate and engage with peers in the workplace. While the significance of these findings is critical, we discovered that personality is not the most powerful driver of high performance. Skill level is.

Real-Time Agent Environment

Delayed/Complex Agent Environment

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