Call Center Supervisor Training: Drive Agent Performance

How to Win High-Perf AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE Our analysis concluded that while personality type does exert some influence on performance results, it’s really the skills of those individuals that made the difference. This discovery is exciting because skills can be taught. To better understand which skills set the “best” above the rest, we analyzed data relating to a comprehensive set of skills demonstrated by proven successful leaders. We identified the following list of critical skills frontline leaders must exhibit to be a top performer. Once we established these core competencies, we could move on to gauge the representation of each skill within an individual operation’s leadership team. This approach identifies the priority of training opportunities based on how many leaders are lacking any given skill.

Customer Engagement How to measure, analyze, and improve customer effort.

Metrics & Relationships What metrics to manage and how they interrelate to each other.

Operational Economics Examining the financial impact for operational decisions and outcomes.

Employee Engagement How to enable employee engagement when interactions can be stressful.

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