Call Center Supervisor Training: Drive Agent Performance

REPLICATING THE DNA: Frontline Leadership Training as a Solution

We guide your supervisors in establishing benchmark goals, identifying operational trends, and pinpointing the outliers. Not only does this identify low performers, but it also provides an understanding of your top performers’ behaviors and how to replicate those practices in the rest of your team. Equipping your supervisors with analytical leadership skills and tools ensures they have the proper training on how to coach low performers. As a result, your low performers begin to show improvement, as does overall core performance. By leveraging tools and methods that drive accountability and immediate application, we ensure quality is the priority of your frontline leadership. Developing your best performers now allows for the transfer of their skills and knowledge to other employees, promoting both short and long-term organizational success.

Leadership training has a trickle-down effect on the rest of your organization. With over 15 years of experience improving business operations and workforces, we have mastered the supervisor training process and have produced a protocol and curriculum proven to deliver rapid optimal results. Our approach focuses on 4 key elements: content, accountability, tools, and delivery. We set your leaders up for success by providing a flexible delivery model that ensures success despite individual learning and/or operational needs. Our supervisor training content is comprised of analytical methodologies to help determine what, when, and how to coach in order to drive performance across the metrics that matter to your operations. After aligning on the metrics that are your top priority, we customize our content and develop materials that speak to your team leads using their data. In addition to addressing your unique metric focus, we provide guidance on the 5 key metrics that apply to nearly every operating environment. These include employee retention, efficiency, customer experience, sales/retention, and service time.

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