How to Choose the Perfect BPO Vendor


Your course of action is set. You decided to obtain a new vendor. It's time to implement.

1. CREATE A SOLID RFP USING THE CURRENT STATE EVALUATION If you begin a search for a new BPO, the creation of a solid RFP will be your first step. The current state evaluation you just received will help enormously as you compile and articulate all the requirements into this document. Obviously, you'll want to include operational processes and performance levels the report shows your current vendor executing positively. Conversely, you'll need to close the gaps in areas found lacking. A good partner firm with deep knowledge of contact centers can prove helpful here. A data-driven RFP automatically screens out undesired vendors and automatically prequalifies applicants, saving time and effort. The current state evaluation of your old vendor also delivers both tactical and strategic insights to be written into the new vendor contract. Roles, responsibilities, and outcomes become unmistakably clear in an operating agreement written in a language that articulates precisely what success looks like. By leaving nothing to chance and decreasing ambiguity to a bare minimum, the prospect of accomplishing all your goals increases dramatically.

2. ACCESS NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND PLATFORMS Changing vendors provides an opportunity to take advantage of human process, platform, and technology upgrades that didn't exist at the beginning of your current vendor term. But how do you know what next-generation tools apply? Again, it's wise to engage a partner firm with their finger on the pulse of your industry. They will share what's out there as well as what's on the horizon.


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