How to Choose the Perfect BPO Vendor

A list of improvement recommendations accompanies any solid current state evaluation. Discovered by leveraging data analysis and comparisons to best-in-class industry benchmarks, these improvement opportunities help decision-makers decide upon future-state directions. Armed with a complete trove of actionable intel and associated financial forecasts, executives can confidently decide whether to begin searching for a new BPO or improve the one they have.


Not all vendors need replacing. A current state evaluation sometimes reveals performance issues that may be solved. A good report will outline where these problems occur, how to fix them, and the expected financial and performance results. If the report was prepared by a truly effective contact center improvement partner, that firm will stick by your side and implement the solutions with you. Next, your team rolls into implementation mode, applying recommended solutions to correct root cause problems. A current state evaluation that includes legitimate improvement opportunities now serves as a roadmap to success. A change management initiative may be necessary. Training might be required or new platforms. Remember, whatever happens, data measurements should continue through this phase and extend into post-implementation to ensure new strategies deploy successfully. A qualified contact center improvement partner has other advantages, too. First, you have a qualified advocate with a vested interest in your success. Secondly, they can fill in gaps with temporary staff augmentation and trainers where needed. They are fully equipped to continue measurements and to compare them to their library of benchmarks. They'll also spot potential problems before they happen. Finally, you'll get continual advice on performance improvements, efficiency increases, cost savings, and coming innovations.

The result is a retooled vendor that functions at best-in-class performance levels.


The current state evaluation of your current BPO also plays a valuable role in the quest for a new vendor if that path is chosen. Since the report lays out in detail all the plusses and minuses of an entire BPO contact center operation from end to end and compares it to leading industry benchmarks, it can be used to map out the desired performance characteristics and other traits that a new vendor should have.

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