How to Choose the Perfect BPO Vendor


BPOs are more than just service providers. They are direct extensions of your organization. In many cases, they are the face of your firm. As such, these companies play critical roles in keeping your customers happy. If you suspect things aren't working, an in-depth understanding of your vendor's performance is crucial to determine your next step.

But what are the warning signs that it may be time to consider a new vendor? These are the 6 most frequent problem areas our contact center professionals see between client companies and their BPOs.

1. PERFORMANCE ISSUES Before you hire a vendor, performance targets are usually folded into the RFP, discussed during the interview process, and written into the final contract. These stipulations regarding the specifics of what your BPO is expected to do and the outcomes that result from the backbone of the relationship. Whether this relationship remains healthy or not depends not only on your vendor fulfilling these commitments but also on their willingness to adapt to new targets and goals.

PERFORMANCE ISSUES CAN CROP UP IN SEVERAL AREAS: 1. Metrics - KPIs - Reporting 2. Training Programs

3. Workforce Management 4. Technology / Platforms 5. Sales and / or Quality Goals

If performance issues arise in any of these areas, vendor management should consult the contract and hold the BPO accountable as soon as possible. The longer performance issues hang around, the higher the risks to customer satisfaction and your brand's reputation.

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